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Very well put. I couldn't agree more. John, I know you had the best of
intentions, but the logical end result of this approach would end up with a
highly fractured list. I vote let's keep things as they are.


Mark <> 



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tflyfish2002 wrote:
> Over half the posts on this list could be considered development 
> issues or beta if you like.  So why not move the entire list to the 
> beta list?  There is only one person who for some reason wants the 
> beta list which itself is Beta.  
> Someone might just care to start a new Yahoo Panotools list where 
> all this moderation will not take place.
>  Can anybody tell me who is the Yahoo owner of this list?  Are they 
> in agreement with moving all these topics off somewhere else? 
> Barry

Hi Barry,

this on-topic / off-topic discussions keep creeping up every few months. The
pattern is often similar: It heats up, injury and insult fly, in the end
things cool down and we are happy to keep the status quo. don't worry. just
ignore the annoyances.

i've missed much of this last argument in the last weeks. i guess if i was
following the list in real time i would have had a similar reaction to
yours. i reacted that way a few times in the past. in the meantime i've
learned that these are storms in a a glass of water and they go away by

I love ice hockey and enjoyed the ice rink panorama. unfortunately i do not
have the Nikon 10.5mm. this is no reason not to be interested in what its
users say about it, nor to ask them to move their discussion somewhere else.
i recall being asked to move somewhere else a discussion about my combo
(Canon 350D + Sigma 8mm). just ignore them.

I do not have/use GPS but I do not mind reading of others applications.

I do not have problems with pano12.dll but I am happy to read that if I had
I could count on the support of a number of experts.

I did not yet download/install Ptgui 5 beta, but I am happy to read that
there are so many people contributing feedback and that Joost is so
dedicated to improve a product that is so instrumental in creating our

I enjoy the announcement of new websites like Jeffrey's and I watch eagerly
most panos submitted to the list. I loved your Hummer pano. When newbies
present their first work, I recall fondly of when I produced my first
panorama and how experts on this list helped me.

If I have no time, I just press the delete key. I do not want these messages
and this community to go away. Even if they are not immediately useful to
me, they are the sign of a lively community. Even the occasional flame is
ok, we are all human after all.

the only alternate list that should be considered is ptwhiners, but even
those I would miss because this list would not be the same without them.

Long live the panotools yahoo group





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