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Sender:Thomas Rauscher
Date/Time:Thu, 27 Oct 2005 14:56:06 +0200
Subject:Re: Re: pano12.dll ver


Hello Erik,

on Thursday, October 27, 2005, 11:08:42 you wrote:

>> New Antialiasing Filters
>> Incorporates Thomas Rauscher's <>
>> antialiasing filters.  Antialiasing is very useful when reducing the
>> size of the image to avoid aliasing.

EK> Even better! Is there a panoinfo interface to read out the new filter 
EK> names such that the GUIs can use it to display them?

Yes, you can query them over the "QueryFeatures" interface, so you can
see the names f.e. in PtGui's Info dialog.

EK> Did you incorporate all of them?


EK> I think there should be some pre-selection since some of them
EK> might be very similar...

That's very true, but also for the old one. So maybe 3-5 in total should
be enough. I kept them all, because for some special cases it is good
to have them, like Nearest Neighbor is good for Hotspot, but gives bad
results for picture, aabox is great for testing. My Top 5 would be:

spline36   - fast
sinc1024   - slower, makes sometime strange artefacts

aahamming  - antialiasing, "fast", no sharpening
aamitchell - antialiasing, Slow, little sharpening
aalanczos3 - antialiasing, Slowest, some sharpening

So maybe it would be good to make an "beginner/expert" checkbox, to
hide the others (including the Gamma Field).

Any comments are welcome.

>> The beginnings of 32bit Floating Point File support.
>> Incorporates Thomas Rauscher's additions of 32bit Floating Point File
>> support.  32bit floating point TIFF files can be opened, saved, and
>> processed using one of the antialiasing filters.  But not through
>> PTStitcher - so more work needed.

EK> Good to hear!

The Problem is PTSticher, because it seems, that the program allocates
the memory on its own, so the program crashes if you select a 32 bit
input image.

With Pano2QTVR (direct calls to the DLL) everything works fine without
modifications. (But Quicktime doesn't support 32bit, so you can only
extract the tiles...)


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