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Sender:Serge Maandag
Date/Time:Wed, 1 Feb 2006 14:49:02 +0100
Subject:RE: Java Aplet


> I'm wondering if I can have advanced control of the panorama. 
> What I'm saying is:
> 1- Are we able to get information from the aplet, like what 
> are we looking at?
> 2- Get information about the zoom status?

First of all try pressing the i,o,p and v buttons when the
panorama is loaded. The statusbar will show some info.

Secondly, there are some possibilities in javascript to read
or set parameters. I have an old page with master and slave
pano's that constantly sync to each others settings. It goes
a little something like this:

In the body:

<applet archive=ptviewer.jar name=master mayscript=true ....>
  <param name=getview value='changeview'>

<applet archive=ptviewer.jar name=slave mayscript=true ....>

In the header:
	function changeview(p,t,f){
		document.slave.gotoView(p, t, f);

So I guess upon a change in the view the function changeview gets
changeview gets ehm, pitch, yaw and fov as parameters (guess)

It should be all explained in the ptviewer documentation from Helmut
I only remember I did know what I was doing back then :)


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