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Sender:Steven Dowd
Date/Time:Sun, 4 Jun 2006 12:43:02 +0100
Subject:OT : ignore if you want: Ref : Hosting


John Spikowski,

Can I ask, how many other domains / projects are you running on the 
'' server,

The background to me question is that yesterday, I had a problem getting 
through to the website, I seem to remember reading yahoo 
posts from other people saying it was offline to them as well, and when I 
checked I could not see it either, anyway, for me it turned out to be my 
local ISP having a dns issue, but later in the day, I did a trace route to 
the domain / server and it went through ok, it went to. []

This morning, I was checking some details on other domains at what I 
consider a great website for domain checking and such '', and 
while doing that I noticed I still had the tracert window opened from 
yesterdays trace route to

well, I typed into server name "" into the reverse-ip page,  and it came back with a different IP than 
my tracert window for, and a different Domain name than I 

 2 Results for (

On checking again, I found that although these are different IP's they both 
resolve to "" which I must presume is the new dedicated 
server which was for the, which people have been donating 

I checked the forums at and sure enough you are listed as 
John Spikowski , ScriptBasic Project Manager.

you seem to be taking donations and or selling accounts for hosting on the 
"" server at the website ..

Now John, I reserve the right to be 'TOTALLY and utterly WRONG with all and 
any of the above', and "I APOLOGISE" now IN ADVANCE should that be the case

but when I trace route the  domains

and they all end up as different IP's but in the same Server Name 
"" It generally means they are in the same Server..

yet I thought you had explained to the panotools yahoo group, that the new 
dedicated server was 'dedicated' for


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