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Date/Time:Thu, 20 Apr 2000 01:00:12 -0400
Subject:ignore the last one - this is the one to see


Hi Philippe & everyone,

I've been reading the posts for a few days but felt too imitated to ask
anything. First, I gotta say, Philippe, you must be a genius the way you
developed a virtual tripod. What a great idea.

I've been struggling with little to no success using Panorama Tools
(WINDOWS) for a few weeks and have learned alot of terms (I even understand
some of them now) and lost a significant portion of my life trying to figure
out what I was doing wrong. I tried your approach below and even got the
script to run. But the pano never developed and the output was
horrendous. If you don't mind, I'll try to show what I did inside your email
using (**   **)
in hopes of learning what and where I went wrong.

> -----------------------------
> My procedure is as follow :
> - First I shoot the panorama, 3 fisheye snapshots 120° apart - for more
> details on my method you can visit my website .I
> join here "script véranda" which is the script I used to generate the
> panorama, you can download the three fisheye images and try it yourself
> result may be not so good because the images were heavily compressed for
> web)
> - Using Photoshop I then crop the three photos to a square just on the
> of the fisheye circle

(***  I did this using a Nikon Coolpix 950 and 8mm fisheye lens andPhotoShop
5.5  ***)

> The following step is facultative, but useful if you have to verify your
> data...
> - Add a new layer on each photo and place a colored arrow near 4
> corresponding spots between photo 1 and 2, then photo 2 and 3, then photo
> and 1. Try to disperse the 4 arrows, but don't chose points too close of
> fisheye border, the distorsion is heavier here. These arrows are only a
> visual aid, and have nothing to do with the coded arrows provided by
> - Using the Photoshop info, enter the points coordinates in the script
> opened in Notepad (I join an empty script file with the parameters I
> optimize). Tedious, but easy...

(*** Here's the 3 images I used after cropping and adding points to get the
pixel coordinates ***)
(***      ***)

> - Run panorama tools optimiser. For a 2400x1200 panorama, the error should
> not exceed 5 pixels, 2 pixels for a 800 x 400 (small but fast to render).

(-- what error? Where is that at?  **)

> the error is higher, either the shots were bad (heavy tilt for example) or
> more probably you made an error entering coordinates.
> - Don't forget to re-select the photo layer before running panorama tools
> nsert" or you will get a colored arrow panorama ;-). That's the mistake I
> too often make...
> - To get a layered photoshop image (useful to fine tune the seams or to
> adjust the color/brightness between the 3 parts of the pano. Yes, this can
> be necessary even with AE-BL lock and 1.3 firmware - you can for example
> perfor a 30 pixels gaussian blur on the masks to smooth the seams), edit
> script file and suppress all references to +buf / -buf in the command
> - Run panorama tools "Insert" on each image in the right order. Set the
> prefs to "Save full sized result to file"

(** I'm totally lost here  **)

> - Open the result, make any adjustments necessary, flatten the image and
> save it as a Jpeg file.
> The following step depends on your viewer.

(** I never got this far **)

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