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Date/Time: 4-Apr-2012 15:22:50 +0000
Subject:Re: D800 with 10.5mm


I'd buy a 2nd hand 5Dmk2, and not an mk3 if I'd had money for that. As
personal camera. I'd hack the mirror as first move. Then all my Contax
lenses will be on.

And a D800E is on order for work.
Hans is right as for resolution, but I add here a trick.
Using ACR you can correct lens geometry. On 10.5-nikon it allows to correct
the fisheye projection in a more even way, extending the circle to the very
Since it is done within bayer interpolation I use it, it gives better
results and a fair bigger panorama.
You can do it with Canon FF sensors too. Gives small improvement, and it is
the explanation why I get more pixels than Hans that is using it "nature".

No way I would start a Canon vs Nikon fight!
Even if both are starting to understand how to make lenses again!
:-D Contax and Rolleiflex are always the best, Silvestri, Linhof, Horseman
and Arca are even better!!!!

I'd prefer Canon semplicity and clearness in interface, and get rid of
D700, hard feeling with the software and controls.

Hans is right when he says

Il giorno 04 aprile 2012 12:03, Steve Morton <#removed#> ha

> Hans wrote:
> > 21 mp up to 36 is in reality not much.
> I own both a 5d mkII (and 7D) and a Nikon D3s. My D3s is only 12 mp but
> I would pick it EVERY time over the 5D mk2 in low light imaging
> I have my D800E on order and I'm REALLY looking forward to getting it
> and then retire the 5D mkII
> All the best
> Steve
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Luca Vascon.

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