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Date/Time: 4-Apr-2012 15:43:28 +0000
Subject:Re: Camera Raw now with auto CA correction


Yes I noted that when I updated my RAW... yes it works  fine ... no  fiddling anymore required.... there is a checkbox   for CA  but no settings  anymore


On Apr 4, 2012, at 17:12, Hans wrote:

> I wanted to check some D800 Raw files and had to download the latest Beta release of Camera Raw.
> The images was from a 15mm Sigma and I could not see any CA. It turned out that Camera Raw now have auto removement. No sliders of any kind.
> You find it in the Profiles as an option to unbook. It is booked by default and the only option you have in addition is the defringe.
> Putting it in the profile option is not quite correct though I think as it works without any profiles. It should be together with the defringe.
> No exif needed . My shaved 10.5 5D and old lenses like my 30 year old Nikkor 28mm or even Pentax 67 lenses on adapters are all perfectly CA corrected automatically.
> Do not ask me how it is done.
> Hans

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