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Subject:Re: Re: Will an HD TV function as a PC display?


I went the other way.  Got a Dell 24u12m which is an IPS LCD display and use it to watch movies.  The pixel pitch is much smaller than on a TV and so the images are really jewel like.  No ghosting or trails that I can see.

Hans wrote:
> --- In #removed#, Roger D Williams <roger@...> wrote:
>> Thank you, Paul. That's very helpful. You've probably saved me from a disappointment, although my wife isn't keen on 3D TV anyway (even if I could use it as a monitor) so it's >rather a moot point at the moment.
> I have been using a HD TV as extra screen for several years.
> My current is a Sony Bravia 42"  and it works perfect together with my iMac 27" connected  with HDMI.
> I also have an old PC and my old Mac G5 connected to it using the standard PC connection.
> I use it both for showing panoramas and slideshow  and also as a TV screen for online TV and my Elgato Digital DVB  receiver. I just which Elgato would make a solution for encrypted TV as the interface is much better than my Digital Harddisc recorder.
> The colors are just as good as any cheap standard Computer screen.
> My built in  Mac software can easy calibrate it perfect. 
> I did have a little problem when I got it to find the settings for the overscan so that it actually showed the true 1980x1080 pixels resolution using HDMI. It was  somewhere deap in the Sony settings.
> Hans
>> Roger W.
>> Sent from my iPad
>> On Apr 17, 2012, at 9:23 PM, Paul Fretheim <paul@...> wrote:
>>> I have an entertainment center Windows platform connected to my 
>>> Panoasonic Veira HDTV. My plasma HDTV is only 720p resolution. I use the 
>>> computer board, which has HDMI output on the video card as a second 
>>> signal source for watching entertainment. My video card can output 1080p 
>>> or 1080i. I don't really notice a difference between 720p or 1080i when 
>>> viewing the HDTV as a monitor.  It's fine for watching YouTube videos or 
>>> movies.
>>> But the resolution is not good enough for text reading or text editing. 
>>> I do not think it is a good idea to substitute an HDTV for an actual 
>>> monitor for all purpose computing. You can read a few emails or see well 
>>> enough to navigate a few web pages, but the eyestrain would be terrible 
>>> if you were trying to write a term paper or thesis on the thing. On mine 
>>> you have to increase the font size so big to be able to read it you lose 
>>> the advantage of a big screen.
>>> Bottom line - Don't do it. Find a plasma 720p 55" like mine somewhere 
>>> for watching movies. I found mine new for about $500 at a K-Mart and I 
>>> have been very happy with it. It's great for watching sports too. 
>>> Plasmas are brighter, sharper and much faster. No trails from fast 
>>> moving objects. The "burn in" issue has not been a problem. But they are 
>>> not designed to do what actual monitors are capable of when it comes to 
>>> small detail.
>>> Paul Fretheim
>>>> Now that HD TVs offer full 1080 lines vertically and the horizontal 
>>>> resolution needed to support 16:9 frames, they have the nominal 
>>>> resolution to act as PC monitors. In fact 1920 x 1080 is about the 
>>>> maximum resolution my video board supports. I don't know whether the 
>>>> steadiness of the image is good enough, or whether anyone is already 
>>>> trying it, but at a nearby discount store they are offering a 
>>>> Panasonic 32" 3D display, which would be very nice for viewing stereo 
>>>> images and would double as a computer display, which is probably the 
>>>> only way I could justify its purchase to my wife. What do people 
>>>> think. It would kind of dominate my desk, that's for sure... (grin)
>>>> Roger W.
>>>> Sent from my iPad
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