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Subject:Re: Re: Will an HD TV function as a PC display?


I purchased a Sony 55" LCD TV about two years ago.  I am using it when needed as a display for a mini-PC i5 WIN7 PC (via VGA connector at 1080), intermittent use with a WIN7 laptop PC (HDMI at 900), and intermittent use with both an iPod and an iPad (HDMI).  All work very nicely.  I use the TV for PC apps and Internet browsing, Netflix and Amazon movies, TV shows from Hulu and networks, and other on-line sources.

Since you indicated that you will be purchasing the TV locally why not ask if you can return it if it doesn't work acceptably as a PC display?

Also be sure to check the specs to see if the TV has a true 1080 panel (I assume that 720 panels are no longer being used, but it doesn't hurt to be certain).

Bob D

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>Subject: Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Will an HD TV function as a PC display?
>>>>> Now that HD TVs offer full 1080 lines vertically and the horizontal 
>>>>> resolution needed to support 16:9 frames, they have the nominal 
>>>>> resolution to act as PC monitors. In fact 1920 x 1080 is about the 
>>>>> maximum resolution my video board supports. I don't know whether the 
>>>>> steadiness of the image is good enough, or whether anyone is already 
>>>>> trying it, but at a nearby discount store they are offering a 
>>>>> Panasonic 32" 3D display, which would be very nice for viewing stereo 
>>>>> images and would double as a computer display, which is probably the 
>>>>> only way I could justify its purchase to my wife. What do people 
>>>>> think. It would kind of dominate my desk, that's for sure... (grin)
>>>>> Roger W.
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