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Subject:Re: Re: Will an HD TV function as a PC display?


Thank you, Bob...

On Apr 18, 2012, at 7:08 AM, R1 <#removed#> wrote:

> I purchased a Sony 55" LCD TV about two years ago.  I am using it when needed as a display for a mini-PC i5 WIN7 PC (via VGA connector at 1080), intermittent use with a WIN7 laptop PC (HDMI at 900), and intermittent use with both an iPod and an iPad (HDMI).  All work very nicely.  I use the TV for PC apps and Internet browsing, Netflix and Amazon movies, TV shows from Hulu and networks, and other on-line sources.

I don't understand your reference to HDMI in connection with an iPad. How do you work that? At the moment I can use my iPad to control my PC remotely, viewing the PC screen on the iPad's own display. With the HD TV (and sitting in the same room) I could use the iPad to control the TV display via the PC, but a direct link between iPad and TV would be a LOT simpler!

> Since you indicated that you will be purchasing the TV locally why not ask if you can return it if it doesn't work acceptably as a PC display?

That's unlikely, but it won't hurt to ask...

> Also be sure to check the specs to see if the TV has a true 1080 panel (I assume that 720 panels are no longer being used, but it doesn't hurt to be certain).

Good point. They don't say when they are 720 but all  the ones that have 1080 call themselves "True HD" or "Full HD" so I'll watch for that.

Roger W.

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