Zoomable Images in PTViewer

Helmut Dersch
Technical University Furtwangen

    This example showing the Monument Valley demonstrates the use of high resolution zoomable images inside PTViewer. It consists of a medium resolution 360° Panorama (1500*750 pixels, 140kByte) and two high resolution rectilinear images (field of view 57° corresponding to 35mm focal length, and field of view 6.7° corresponding to 200mm focal length, 140kByte each). These images have dimensions 1944*1296 pixels, and are dynamically inserted into the panorama. Unfortunately, they were taken 12 years before the panorama, so some slight color mismatches are unavoidable.

    Viewer Instructions:

The source images for the PTViewer applet can be downloaded separately

The alignment parameters for the inserts (pan-/ tilt- / rotation angle) were determined using the software PTPicker. These parameters have to be used in the HTML page to control the JAVA applet:
<applet name="ptviewer" archive=ptviewer.jar  code=ptviewer.class width=320 height=200>
<param name=file        value="Monument.jpg">
<param name=frame       value="frame.gif">
<param name=fovmin      value=0.1>
<param name=shotspot0   value=" x236 y186 a250 b200 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0.5,0,1)' ">
<param name=shotspot1   value=" x250 y186 a264 b200 u'ptviewer:stopAutoPan()' ">

<param name=shotspot2   value=" x264 y186 a278 b200 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0,0,0.97)' ">
<param name=shotspot3   value=" x278 y186 a292 b200 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0,0,1.03)' ">
<param name=shotspot4   value=" x292 y186 a306 b200 u'ptviewer:startApplet(0);startApplet(1)' ">
<param name=shotspot5   value=" x306 y186 a320 b200 u'ptviewer:stopApplet(0);stopApplet(1)' ">
<param name=shotspot6   value=" x0   y187 a41  b200 i'zoom1.gif' u'ptviewer:moveTo(-22,0,45,30);waitWhilePanning();moveTo(-28.4,1.6,14,150)' ">

<param name=shotspot7   value=" x42  y187 a83  b200 i'zoom2.gif' u'ptviewer:moveTo(-28.26,3.35,1.54,150)' ">

<param name=applet0     value="{code= ptzoom.class} 

<param name=applet1     value="{code= ptzoom.class} 

<param name=inits               value="ptviewer:startApplet(1);startApplet(0)'">
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