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Date/Time:30-May-2018 13:12:05 +0000
Subject:Re: Stitching server side


Hello Bruno 

 I already do this with ptstitcherNG on the server, using wine.
It stitches a panorama from 4 jpegs in approx. 160seconds on a small server and it's pretty neat.

 The user has a web interface, he chooses his hardware in a list, he uploads his enfused pictures, then he just have to clic on a "stitch" button and he can go make a coffee while the server makes the job.
 ( BTW if someone wants those files and sources, just tell me, i'll be glad to share ! )

 But i want to try achieving the full operation of aligning and cpfinding because users with other configurations won't be able to stitch properly until i haven't prepared a template.
Of course it will be much more greedy, and it will take more time, but also more flexible.

 I'll tell you the result of the cropping !



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