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Date/Time:2020-Dec-02 11:55:39
Subject:Re: Help with Hugin 2019.2

Thread: Re: Help with Hugin 2019.2 klaus_mayer via 2020-Dec-02 11:55:39
When you start Hugin in a directory with images, Hugin will try to load these images. If the image do not have the required Exif info then Hugin prompts you to enter lens data. Did you check the preview if any images were located in the output region? If you set a limited output region and images are located outside of this area then you will receive the observed error message. E.g. if yoiu set cylindrical projection with a limited field of view and your images are outside of this area, you need to use Numerical Transfer to move the images into the output region.
Hugin is very powerful and free but it takes a little bit of time to fully understand how it operates.

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