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Date/Time:Fri, 18 Mar 2005 03:04:54 -0000
Subject:New PanoTools list moderator


At the request of several users and with John Spikowski's consent, I have accepted the 
volunteer job as PanoTools list moderator & manager (i.e. list mom).  John and I will share 
the task of initial membership screening to prevent spammers from joining.  The list will 
continue as is on Yahoo for the foreseeable future and I have no intention of changing how 
this list operates.  Our list will continue to be a place to freely exchange information and 
ideas on Panorama Tools and related topics in a courteous manner.

As members of all lists realize, the actual members of a list always changes.  Members join 
to learn, pass on their knowledge to newbies and, more often than not, lose interest in the 
list (but hopefully not the art) and either stop actively posting or drop off the list.  Only a 
small number of hard core users actively post for years on end.  Probably the biggest 
reason for members dropping out is that after answering the same questions many times, 
any list starts repeating itself.  In my opinion, this is where comes in.

Yahoo's groups allow for a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section but a simple FAQ 
doesn't do justice to all the tricks and tools and techniques that the members of this 
group created over the years.  There is a wealth of information out there but no central 
location to learn how to find a nodal (entrance pupil) point, meter a scene, blend multiple 
exposures, create a 16 bit layered Photoshop file, etc.  A new user can learn many tricks 
an techniques by going through our list archives but that is tedious at best.  A better 
solution is to build-up the site to be a knowledge center not only for 
PanoTools techniques but making it *the* place anyone doing a search for "panorama 
creation tutorial" will find our little corner of the world.

Building up the site is in everyone's best interest but it takes time, effort 
and some money.  John has assured me that will remain free but everyone 
is urged to contribute as best they can by contributing a tutorial, Photoshop action, 
graphic, translation, organizational skills, and even a few euros, dollars, pesos, yuan, etc.

Finally, our users are a diverse group and there is no possible way I, or anyone, can make 
a decision that will please everyone but please be assured that I will manage this list in a 
manner that I believe is in the best interest of the community as a whole.  John has done 
all of us a service in creating this list and deserves commendation for doing so over the 
past few years.  Let's all give John three cheers and move on.

Regards, MfG, etc.

Kevin Kratzke
The new list mom

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