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Sender:Helmut Dersch
Date/Time:Wed, 12 Jul 2000 12:00:33 +0100
Subject:Re: Create VRML models from photo's


Joost Nieuwenhuijse wrote:
> application that would allow to create VRML
> models from several photo's (taken at different angles) of the same object.
> The example shown was a model of a white German car.

#removed# added:
> this sounds very interesting to me too ;)
> hmm anyway this could be done inside of pantools?

Caroling added:
> Was it PTStereo? I just looked for it on Helmut's site and
> couldn't find it. Maybe it didn't work out very well?

This is indeed PTStereo. However, it is still at my site,
and works quite well. It is part of the PanoTools package
for an example see

PTStereo can be used to create 3d objects from 2 or more
photographs. Output is either VRML or 3DMF format.
The latest version is able to create 3D-scenes
using just one photograph and a map or floorplan of
the same object.

Helmut Dersch

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