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Sender:John Spikowski
Date/Time:Mon, 22 May 2006 01:15:43 -0700
Subject:PanoTools News Letter


PanoTools Members,

The PanoTools.Info site has gone through some changes in the last couple
months and I wanted to update the group to where things are.

*** Web Site ***

Bert Vierstra has become the webmaster for the PanoTools group. In a short
period of time Bert has put together a nice functional site that ties the
PanoTools group resources together. I would like to thank Bert for the
outstanding job. If you have suggestions or comments that would enhance the
functionality of the site, please use the contact form on the site to contact Bert.

*** Wiki Upgrade ***

The PanoTools wiki has been upgraded to the 1.6 version of MediaWiki which
seems to have gone well. (if you don't count the spamming while shields were
down) I added a link on the wiki main page to the release notes. Contact any
of the wiki sysop's if you don't have a login and would like to add content.

*** New Dedicated Server ***

The PanoTools site(s) are moving to a dedicated server to allow more control
over how the site is configured. The url will remain the
primary with .org / .net / .com as functional sites that redirect
(mod_rewrite) to . This will 4X our site exposure in the
search engines. Chad Dahlquist ( has donated the use of to the PanoTools open source project.

The operational costs of moving to the new server has increased by five
times. If you feel the enhancements to the PanoTools.Info site has help in
the use of the group resources, I would appreciate if you could make a
donation to help cover the extra expenses. Please use PayPay and send your
donation to <support AT panotools DOT info> (correcting e-mail address) or
contact me off line for mailing instructions. 

*** Mailing List ***

I would like to address the group with the idea of moving the mailing list
to using Mailman. It now makes more sense as we could search
the wiki, mailing list via a uniform search feature on the PanoTools.Info
site. If this is something the group might want to do, please send Kevin a
e-mail and let him know how you feel about it one way or the other. Don't
panic, I'm only asking for feedback and Kevin makes the decisions how the
list is run.

John Spikowski
PanoTools Administrator

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