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Sender:John Spikowski
Date/Time:Tue, 23 May 2006 09:53:07 -0700
Subject:PanoTools Funding Options


PanoTools Members,

I haven't recieved one response to my request for donations to help with the
expansion efforts with the PanoTools site. I want to keep the PanoTools site
a member support entity but it seems the more that is done for the group the
less committed the group is to supporting it. My only other choice is to
take on advertising or commercial sponsors. The group has gotten this far
being member supported, lets see if we can keep it that way. Donations
should be submitted to using the e-mail address of 'support
AT panotools DOT info'. If you would rather mail your donation, please
contact me off line for the address.

This will be the last time I ask the list for help with the site. I don't
mind donating my time and skills to keep things going but I'm not going to
fund this out of my pocket anymore. 


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