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I think your getting a bit carried away. It's amazing how the whiners on the
list have plenty to say but nothing to contribute.


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> On Thu, 25 May 2006 14:21:38 +0900, Bert Vierstra 
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> > On 5/25/06, Roger D. Williams
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> >> Does this imply that three fully mirrored sites, mirroring 
> anything 
> >> and everything, have been set up for .org, .net and .com?
> >
> > No.
> >
> > There will be no mirrors, that useless, and search engine 
> wise not smart.
> Now THAT makes sense. But it certainly doesn't explain why 
> John mentions these "fully mirrored sites" as a reason for 
> getting an over-spec'd server.
> Can you explain the thinking? John is not the world's best 
> advocate of his own ideas. On this one I think he's painted 
> himself into a corner... stuck with an over-spec'd server and 
> forced to appeal for donations with the awful possibility 
> that if they are not forthcoming it will become uneconomic 
> for him to continue supporting the site. Really, a worst-case 
> scenario. It also echos concerns many of us had some time ago...
> Of course is entirely John's "thing" until the 
> moment he appeals for money to pay for it. My feeling, 
> perhaps a little strange for a Brit, is that there should be 
> no payment (even voluntary) without complete openness, full 
> discussion of the options beforehand, and proper representation.
> In complete contrast, on the other hand...
> The panotools Yahoo list is not by any means John's personal 
> possession and any impression that it is should be promptly 
> squashed. I am sure that John would be the first to agree 
> that he does not own the list. This is surely a critically 
> important difference?
> I therefore think that it is better on Yahoo. It isn't 
> broken. Even if Yahoo start to roll over the oldest material, 
> it is still all available on gmane, so don't let's fix it. 
> OK? I think this far outweighs the possible advantages of 
> being able to search and the list at the same time.
> But as for your description of how the server and the site 
> are working?
> everythings seems to be exactly as it should be. Great job, Bert.
> Roger
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