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Sender:Fran??ois Moraud
Date/Time:2000-Apr-18 16:52:46
Subject:PTPicker and zenith in spherical images


proj-imim: PTPicker and zenith in spherical images Fran??ois Moraud 2000-Apr-18 16:52:46
Hi everyone,
I read Philo tricks with attention,
but I use PTPicker, and a CP950 with Fisheye.
Does someone has a script for PTPicker for
3 images ? How may points minimum have we
to select in order to get a good result ?
Also, I'll soon have to realize a full spherical pano
of a dark room (bar) with art-painted ceiling.
The ceiling will be I guess close, so the jpeg has
to be as perfect as possible (few post wild paste in Photoshop ;)
I can't use the Philo system cause I'll have long time exposures
(guess I'm too tea addicted), maybe there's a third way :
thought to a fisheye picture including the top of the ceiling,
then edited in Panotools and finally inserted in the jpeg...
Have you something simplier to get clear and brigth zenith
in spherical images ?


Franois Moraud

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