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Date/Time:28-Apr-2012 22:25:45 +0000
Subject:Video 360 degree WORKSHOP


Guys, sorry for cross posting this
take a look :-)

*Do you want to miss this ???????*

*Richard Broo & Pedro Diaz ? 360º Video

Richard Broo & Pedro Diaz will bring us a talk on the state of the art 360º
video technologies and it's future!
Richard and Pedro work at XS2TheWorld, developing 360º Video and software
technologies for mobile devices.
Richard talk will cover the current state of 360º Video Technologies ...

Read more now at :


And BUY your ticket NOW, while we still have only 6 to go :-)


See you all there :-)

Director of Marketing and PR

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+ 55 21 9982 6313 - RIO

"It's not WHAT you shoot. It's the WAY you shoot it."

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