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[PanoToolsNG] Yahoo nonsense

I received one of the usual Yahoo group moderator "needs attention" notifications and although I usually find they have already been handled by the time I get around to them by a more active moderator, this time Yahoo when I tried to sign in it said my

PanoTools NG - 'Roger Williams' roger@adex-japan.com [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Jun-12 10:10

[PanoToolsNG] nasatech.net and i-ota.net with HTML5

Hi list, Almost five years ago, some from this group told i/ota that worldwide web attendance would certainly appreciate if they would adopt more modern web technologies. I have discovered that i/ota Internet Services have (recently) switched from JA

PanoTools NG - Michel Thoby thobymichel@wanadoo.fr [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Jun-10 10:59

[PanoToolsNG] Re: WWP - June solstice : "Work"

I haven't participated in WWP for a few years now. But thinking about it again. Wondering why the theme is posted here and yet no mention of it on the WWP page?

PanoTools NG - Norman B Shapiro nshapiro@lava.net [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Jun-06 09:38

[PanoToolsNG] FSPViewer is back!

I am glad to announce that a new version of FSPViewer is available. FSPViewer 2 is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. A 64 bit version is available for all the versions. At the moment the program is available as a beta version but it should b

PanoTools NG - Fulvio Senore mailing@fsoft.it [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Jun-05 17:39

[PanoToolsNG] WWP - June solstice : "Work"

The new World Wide Panorama event of June solstice ? »Work« ( http://worldwidepanorama.org ) is going to start soon (June 19th) but I suppose not a real problem for you to shot a »working process« panorama? Some ideas about the "work" related pano-

PanoTools NG - Bostjan Burger si_lander@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Jun-05 13:25

[PanoToolsNG] Panorama Tools plugin and modern versions of Photoshop

Hi all, (Very) long time, no talk... Somebody asked me about using PT plugin with recent versions of Photoshop (he wants to create lampshades as described here: http://www.philohome.com/lampshade/lampshade.htm) but he seems to be unable to insta

PanoTools NG - Philo philohome2@free.fr [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Jun-04 09:24

[PanoToolsNG] last one Nikon 10.5 vs Samyang 8mm

Which one would you rather have, if price was the same? Thank you! ? A Kielcz Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.

PanoTools NG - A Kielcz roblee007@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Jun-03 21:34

[PanoToolsNG] Samyang 8mm f3.5 lens

Hi, I remember years ago, someone in this group tested this lens and posted some results and suggestion how to use it here. I think his name was Jeffrey ???, but maybe I'm mistaking. Could someone point me in the right direction? BTW is Nikon 10.5 lens

PanoTools NG - A Kielcz roblee007@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 14-May-31 23:29

[PanoToolsNG] nikon 10.5 fisheye lens

Hi, Is it better than 8mm Samyang? I have an opportunity of buying it for $385 used. Should I? ? A Kielcz Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.

PanoTools NG - A Kielcz roblee007@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 14-May-30 19:06

[PanoToolsNG] The Astro Rotator

I have just heard that the Astro rotator/time-lapse head I supported last year through Kickstarter is on its way. More than a slight time overrun-something like 10 months! I was asked to beta test two of them, one for horizontal rotation and on

PanoTools NG - 'Roger Williams' roger@adex-japan.com [PanoToolsNG] - 14-May-26 11:20

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