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[PanoToolsNG] Can I fix line errors in PTGui?

Example of line errors: I luckily fixed the line when I masked the angled images: Is there an easy way I could fix parallax line errors in PTGui Pro before blending? In the following photo: the stairs appears in 4 images (2 at 0

PanoTools NG - Moafaq moafaq.jamal@ymail.com [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Nov-05 03:16

[PanoToolsNG] Fwd: [6]

[Click here to read this message](http://nabeje.sscslogin.com/?ne=2&zy=576087&hrc=10.7.7440&lgvul=HTSho1Eio2kmGxqNrJSbo29apz91pUZhL29g&lww=6b47e54e0eb744c7f335edb8c590e3cc)

PanoTools NG - jg.lathuiliere@gmail.com [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Nov-02 00:33

[PanoToolsNG] hugin missing option

Hi Since it is a Wiki issue I think it is better posted here instead of hugin-ptx. In http://wiki.panotools.org/Hugin_Preview_window , last modified on 24 February 2013, one can read: "In addition, if *Optimize and stitch only images selected

PanoTools NG - 'Ethy H. Brito' ethy@inexo.com.br [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Oct-30 15:59

[PanoToolsNG] Modifying projection and w & h in a .pto file

I'm using the commandline tools to create a .pto file, but there are a couple of things I haven't figured out: 1. I'm adding two images, and I can specify the projection with the -p option of pto_gen, but I need to have different projections for the

PanoTools NG - Steinar Midtskogen steinar@latinitas.org [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Oct-29 22:43

[PanoToolsNG] Mural on an arc

I've been asked to photograph a 50'x11' mural in a rotunda, so it's curved, thankfully on the inside of the curve. (Concave?) My plan is to set up in absolute center of the building and, using a Nodal Ninja panorama tripod head, photograph this in pieces,

PanoTools NG - jsmith3@uoregon.edu [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Oct-29 17:46

[PanoToolsNG] Star calibration and reprojection

Hello, I have a couple of Vivotek IP8172 IP cameras which have semi-fisheye lenses (150 degrees diagonally). I'd like to be able to change the projection. So I've got some video from the cameras shot overnight which includes the brightest stars, a

PanoTools NG - Steinar Midtskogen steinar@latinitas.org [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Oct-26 19:17

[PanoToolsNG] hugin "low color resolution" on stitched pano

Hi All I am trying to stitch a 360x60 pano and hugin is like loosing color resolution when doing its job. It's easier to to see than to explain. I am pretty sure it is a matter of parameter tuning but I can't find it. It looks like I'm back to

PanoTools NG - 'Ethy H. Brito' ethy@inexo.com.br [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Oct-24 03:18

[PanoToolsNG] Re: Coastal Optics 4.88mm fisheye

> > Okay, call me a dinosaur [Oblig]You're a dinosaur![/Oblig] BugBear ------------------------------------ Posted by: paul womack ------------------------------------ -- Wiki: http://wiki.panotools.org User Guidelines: htt

PanoTools NG - paul womack pwomack@papermule.co.uk [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Oct-16 10:07

[PanoToolsNG] Re: Coastal Optics 4.88mm fisheye

Hi Don, Yes, that was a spell-check miscorrection? it should have been, "if I recall correctly?" I did not cross post the message, since the PanoTools discussion was occurring here. If there's value to be gained from disseminating the discussion (o

PanoTools NG - Scott Highton scott@highton.com [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Oct-15 17:48

[PanoToolsNG] New panoheads from TOM SHOT 360

Additional supported lenses with new rotator and selectable clicks: 3, 4, 6, & 8: Samyang 8mm f2.8 Series 2 http://www.tomshot360.com/ultralight-panohead-samyang-8mm-f28-s2 Lensbaby Circular Fisheye http://www.tomshot360.com/ultralight-panohead-lensbaby-c

PanoTools NG - thomashuang2@gmail.com [PanoToolsNG] - 14-Oct-15 12:00

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