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Nikon D1 w/PTools

Hi, Can anyone answer this question: If I were to use a Nikon D1 with an 8mm lens would it be considered a circular fisheye or a full frame fisheye for use in a PTools script? Maybe it doesn't really matter? However, the images I have seen with this

proj-imim - Gummy Bear - 00-Apr-28 15:45

Re: animated gif as wait

Hi, I gave this a try - very bad flickering on wintel IE 5.0. Perhaps this has to do with the disposal method you used in the animated GIF? BTW, nice image quality on your pano. Gummy > From: gliksman > Reply-To: #removed# > To: immersive imagi

proj-imim - Gummy Bear - 00-Apr-28 14:53

animated gif as wait

Hello i found something that works now for both Communicator and Explorer. It isn't a very smart technique, but it gives some feedback · and something to read, waiting · (The gif has to be played once only for communicator, as it seems, so in the

proj-imim - gliksman - 00-Apr-28 11:19

Re: download feedback

Hi guys, Using an animated gif seems like a very good solution for download feedback! At least it keeps the punters on their toes! Does anyone have a generic one that they would be willing to donate? Perhaps Helmut could include it in the next relas

proj-imim - Gummy Bear - 00-Apr-28 02:05

Partial Panos

Hi, Is it possible to use a partial pano (approximately 270 degrees HFOV) with PTVJ 0.8? I don't see any params to set this? Or am I just blind? Thanks, Gummy ________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private

proj-imim - Gummy Bear - 00-Apr-28 01:58

PTJViewer hotspot display

Hi Helmut and everybody Working on the differences · Communicator Mac ð Regular hotspot will not display if the mouse is ouside the html page ð Image hotspots will not display if the mouse is ouside the html page Comminicator can display the h

proj-imim - gliksman - 00-Apr-27 23:44

More specific mailing lists

> > I think it is not a bad idea (in addition to this all-purpose mailing > > list) to make e-mail conferences that are interested in more specific > > things. For example, if many ex IPIX Coolpixers are only interested in > > how to make panoramas wi

proj-imim - RDHoore (ProxyVista) - 00-Apr-27 22:04

hotspot size

IMHO the best hotspot implementation is Hot media. Take a look at it. John

proj-imim - John - 00-Apr-27 21:33


I am learning PTpicker for spherical format, but I think I am repeating the same errors, the final result is more like a Picasso painting than a spherical photo, and I just don't know what is wrong: - I have 10 8mm fisheye fotos using a D1. - 8 horizonta

proj-imim - Santiago Ribas - 00-Apr-27 21:19

Possible to offer the applet in different sizes

> Question: > Could it be possible to offer the applet in different sizes (not always > 320x200) , as the pictureworks-applet does? -> > http://www.pictureworks.com/vrtour/index.html > Or is there a way, I didn't find? Werner, I open a separate wi

proj-imim - RDHoore (ProxyVista) - 00-Apr-27 19:39

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