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PTViewer 0.7 (java)

Changes to version 0.6: 1. No more memory limits for panoramic images in java-viewers. I found a simple trick to load any sized image, even into Netscape, without tiling. For an example, see the virtual tour of Marburg with 2400 x 1200 sized panos. 2

proj-imim - Helmut Dersch - 00-Apr-20 22:22

Tripod hardware

Hi, I just started creating Panoramas (with LivePicture) but am "shooting from the hip" so to speak, which results in sometimes poor quality alignment of individual pics. I know that there are various tripod/camera mount/motor(?) configurations out there

proj-imim - Andrew Kolcz - 00-Apr-20 15:13

Re: Questions

Hi Mike, I think I got your problem, I will answer by including comments in your message... BTW, I began writing a tutorial on stitching method, I will post a message in this list when I upload it to my homepage. -----Message d'origine----- De : The Swa

proj-imim - Philo - 00-Apr-20 11:03

ignore the last one - this is the one to see

Hi Philippe & everyone, I've been reading the posts for a few days but felt too imitated to ask anything. First, I gotta say, Philippe, you must be a genius the way you developed a virtual tripod. What a great idea. I've been struggling with little to n

proj-imim - The Swamp Gang - 00-Apr-20 07:00

Re: PTPicker and zenith in spherical images

Hello Franois, Thanks for the info about PTPicker... I'll try it when Helmut will have compiled PTools 2.0 for Windows ! As for your problem, it's quite clear that the three shot method is not usable here, zenith and nadir points are generally so-so

proj-imim - Philo - 00-Apr-19 09:34

PTPicker and zenith in spherical images

Hi everyone, I read Philo tricks with attention, but I use PTPicker, and a CP950 with Fisheye. Does someone has a script for PTPicker for 3 images ? How may points minimum have we to select in order to get a good result ? Also, I'll soon have to realize a

proj-imim - Fran??ois Moraud - 00-Apr-18 16:52

Re: Panorama Tools (fisheye pano)

proj-imim - Philo - 00-Apr-18 16:06

Re: Panorama tools

Hello Allan ! The script used was joined to my mail, tell me if you want me to send it again. I think I must indeed write a tutorial... (see my other mails on this subject... !) I used 3 images instead of three for at least three reasons : - for hand h

proj-imim - Philo - 00-Apr-18 14:22

Re: Panorama Tools (fisheye pano)

Hi Jerry ! Thanks too for your interest... The script used was joined to my mail, tell me if you want me to send it again. I intend to write a tutorial, and it seems that the demand for it grows... As for the preprocessing, I simply rotate the images by

proj-imim - Philo - 00-Apr-18 10:15

Re: New Member

Hi Ken ! Glad you enjoyed... I hope to make some closer, VR views of Paris in some future, but time... As far as I determined (by aligning a close door frame with a distant point and rotating the Coolpix around it's presumed nodal point), the pivot is ve

proj-imim - Philo - 00-Apr-18 09:57

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