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Date/Time:2014-Oct-29 17:46:49
Subject:Mural on an arc


PanoTools NG: Mural on an arc jsmith3@... 2014-Oct-29 17:46:49
I've been asked to photograph a 50'x11' mural in a rotunda, so it's curved, thankfully on the inside of the curve. (Concave?) My plan is to set up in absolute center of the building and, using a Nodal Ninja panorama tripod head, photograph this in pieces, as if I were shooting a panorama. Then use Hugin to stitch them together. I'll have two lights with softboxes that will move from shot to shot. Their end goal is to have a reproducible, orthographic image of the mural.

 Has anyone shot something similar? Are there unforeseen challenges I'm not thinking of? I'll likely have only one crack at this (it's due to be removed) so I'd like to get it right the first time.


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