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Date/Time:2015-Jun-18 20:45:12
Subject:set of cameras for pano pictures


PanoTools NG: set of cameras for pano pictures giuseppe porciani giuseppeporciani@... 2015-Jun-18 20:45:12
Hi all,I am new tothis forum.I aminterested in taking pano pictures for VT for educational purposes and I am abeginner in this field. I wouldtake pictures with (also) moving subjects.I would usea set of action cams (like gopro) because they are light and with wide anglelenses.I am tryingHugin for stitching pictures.
1) thecameras would have a fixed relative configuration (let's say, 5 along the sidesof a pentagon and one for the zenith): Is there any methods to enter parametersof the configuration, for instance yaw and relative position?
2) Thecameras would have a parallax error but the distance of the nodal points of thecameras is known. Would it be useful to pass these data to Hugin? If yes, how?
3) I amtrying with a cheap cam (Xiaomi yi). I took 5 pictures, 0 degrees pitch, oneper 72 degrees around the nodal point. Thestitching results are strange: I may suppose the main reason is that Hugin does not know the data ofthe lenses of the camera. It assumesHfov is 70 degrees.Accordingto cam specs: focal length is 2,73 mm (which Hugin also assumes), D(iagonal ?)FOV is 155degrees, sensor size (Sony Exmor R bi) is 1/2.3 inch. Would it bepossible from these data to obtain the focal length,35 mm equivalent, theHfov(v) or the crop factor? Would it be considered a fisheye, full frame, lens?
Sorry forso many questions.Thank youin advance.Giuseppe

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