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Subject:The short report about Panotools Meeting 2015


PanoTools NG: The short report about Panotools Meeting 2015 Bostjan Burger si_lander@... 2015-Aug-26 21:11:14
Panotools Meeting 2015 , Ljubljana, Slovenia

 Sunday August, 23rd: The Panotools meeting started in Sundayafternoon in the former military prison and nowadays the Word's hipstierhostel. Gathering together with the introductions and then in the evening leavingfor a night hike to Alps ( The wheater was with very quick changes but we managed to complete somenight sky shooting and light painting techniques. Almost overnight hike endedin the morning at ~ 02 am.

Monday August, 24th:  after some recovery and beauty sleep westarted in the morning with presenation of some new gear- great minimised Sonycamera is with great dynamic photo output.
Panotools T-shirts are great . We continued with the vivid debate about newtechniques and methods... We learned a lot of new! E.g. luminocity masking andso much more. Tuesday August, 25th:Departure from Ljubljana at 9:00 am to areaof ?rni Vrh ( 50 km north-west from the Capital). The topic of the panoramicworkshop was a light painting inside the long tunnels. The location was off thebeaten tracks full size railway tunnel build in a time of the I. World War. (seemore about the location:> After few hours of the workshop a drive tothe remains of the Roman  fortificationsystem Clausta Iuliarum Iliricum ( ? the keyword: Hadrian's wall, Antonine wall. Presentation of the running project wherepanoramas are also used as a documentation tool  Drive to the largest European subterraneanRiver confluence ? Planinska jama. Experiments with the daylight fading intothe total darkness and creating panoramas in extreme light situation withoutuse of the additional light.  ( After couple of hours of the workshop driveto Karst Valley of Rakov ?kocjan: visit of the subterranean with the rare situation of following thedry riverbed into the »Hades«.  Evening drive to Cerkni?ko polje ( Traditional Slovenian dinner (we were tired and hungry but excited after fulltime adventures). After some recovery sessions with the news, Google App,presentation of the first World use of panoramic images within the GISapplication (1998-2004)? and a lot of chat and discussion about panoramic workand passion. Late night drive to the capital.  Wednesday August, 26th:The »official« part of the PanotoolsMeeting is over. After the morning sessions we learned very useful techniquesabout masking the areas. Different approaches, different experiences? all withexcellent results from previous day sessions in extreme light situations. After the morning sessions a pleasant walkto the old nucleus of the Capital, some pano-chatting with the fine lunch justalong the Ljubljanica River and then the excursion to the Botanical Garden.It was hard to say »Good bye« but we?shall? (?) meet again on the PanoTools Meeting 2016 ? Jean-Claude Van Damme,Tintin?, be ready for the panographers invading? waffles, chocolate, beer,"French" Fries ? the new Big Bang could happen ;)
Kind regards from the Sunny Side of the Alps and thanks to all participants for coming!
Bo?tjan Burger

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