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PanoTools NG: Re: What shall we do with this group. Keith Robertson keith@... 2016-Apr-26 22:08:19
Still subscribed here. I stopped creating panos until fairly recently, I was active some years ago. Purely for pleasure and the technical challenge. I've invested in more up to date kit in the last few months and enjoying the process again. 

The 'other forums' do offer some support, eg pano2VR and PTGui, but have their weaknesses. The pro support staff are brilliant, but community wise they are perhaps a little quiet, but not as quiet as here!!!

Would hate to see this forum die as it was so good in the past.

But maybe the technology is passing us bye? With Video 360° and auto video HDR even been talked about the process seems to be getting easier all the time and specialist technical knowledge not needed quite so much?



Keith W Robertson, Fachwen, Llanberis, North Wales, UK

twitter: @keithrobertson
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