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Date/Time:2016-Apr-28 18:17:44
Subject:What an overwhelming reaction!


PanoTools NG: What an overwhelming reaction! erik.krause@... 2016-Apr-28 18:17:44

 I didn't expect such a high number of reactions. Many thanks! Yes, we keep the group. I'd like to address some of the topics mentioned more than once:

 Some wrote they didn't get a message since years. Well, there where a few messages this year. Could it be you have your subscription set to "Special Notice"? The previous and this message where sent as Special Notice. If you want to receive all messages please log in to -> Membership -> Edit Membership -> Subscriptions and choose Individual Email or Daily Digest.

 There where concerns about the amount of work the group poses on us moderators. Well, at the moment Kathy Wheeler does the main work, which is to approve new members. She did it from the first days on aided by Carl von Einem. A big thank you to Kathy and Carl!

 You are not limited to Email or the yahoo interface to participate here. You can also use Nabble: which provides a more forum-like interface. You can even post there, if you create an account. In addition there is our mailing list archive, which not only contains all messages of PanotoolsNG but also it's predecessors Panotools and pro-imim (the original list by Helmut Dersch). It's currently not very sophisticated, but the messages are all in the database. I always wanted to improve it, but didn't find the time yet.


 And now have fun with our re-born group ;-)


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