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Date/Time:2016-Apr-30 02:53:16
Subject:Hugin on Ubuntu 15.1


PanoTools NG: Hugin on Ubuntu 15.1 josephhoytsnyder@... 2016-Apr-30 02:53:16
Dear Friends, 
   I am new to this group.  Joined a while ago to ask this question but never got around to it.  I have a new laptop that is running Ubuntu 15.1 and the version of Hugin that it wants me to download .... but it won't automatically join my panoramic shots, like my older version would.  I have a desktop running on Ubuntu 12 with an older version of Hugin and I can take the shots that the laptop Hugin refuses to align to it where they are aligned beautifully.  Can anyone tell me what is going on and what I might do to fix it?  I have tried deleting and reloading Hugin a couple of time.
 Yours hopefully,
 ps I am an amateur photographer, not a techie, so please lead me very carefully through any terminal work I might have to do.

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