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Date/Time:2016-May-20 21:12:38
Subject:Adding depth


PanoTools NG: Adding depth der@... 2016-May-20 21:12:38
It has long been one of my goals to add some kind of 3d-capability to panorama viewers. Here are some preliminary results and a viewer which can be downloaded for experiments.

 Two approaches are implemented. Both are based on the depth map of the scene in addition to the usual equirectangular 360x180 degree image. In this depth map each pixel's greyvalue correponds to the distance of the object from the camera:
- Lensblur-mode lets the user select focus-distance and aperture.
- Anaglyphmode provides a two-image stereoscopic view of the scene. These views are calculated from the source image and the depthmap. Unlike conventional left-right-source viewers, this works in all directions, including zenith and nadir.

 See my homepage <> for downloads.


 Helmut Dersch


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