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PanoTools NG: Re: What shall we do with this group. Mark Wellman mwellman207@... 2017-Aug-02 12:58:08
I'm still lurking here. I have all the equipment to do hi des 360s. But not
the marketing savvy to sell my services nor which player is best to plug in
on a website. I have a Canon 5 D MKIV, Canon 17 - 40mm plus a Samsung 8mm
fisheye, Mancrotto 360s, ptgui pro, and use LR CC and PS CC. I shoot
commercial gigs for architects and engineers. I am in process of writing a
wordpress website. Any advice one would care to share would be appreciated.
Thank you.
Mark Wellman, President
New England Cost Management <>
349 Center Street
Bangor, ME  04401 <>

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