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Date/Time:2017-Oct-09 14:56:41
Subject:OT? - KML format


PanoTools NG: OT? - KML format 'Mark D. Fink' markdfink@... 2017-Oct-09 14:56:41
Hi all,


I've been doing some aerial crop surveys the last couple of years with a
drone, and am currently using a program called Correlator3D to stitch these
very large mosaics together. One of the issues I'm trying to solve is to
convert the resulting geotiff images into the KML format. This would allow
my clients to view and markup the surveys in Google Earth.


The reason I'm reaching out to this group is an idea I had this morning of
the similarity of the multi-tiled output that some of the tour software out
there provides, and the KML file format. Is it possible that these are
similar at some level? If anyone has experience with converting large TIFF
images into KML nested folders with multi-resolution tiles, I'd greatly
appreciate any advice.




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