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PanoTools NG: Re: Little Planet - first one Scott Highton scott@... 2018-May-29 07:10:52
You might want to check with Ken Turkowski on this, since he authored a number of early patents on spherical (and other) stitching algorithms, as well as the work and patents of Ned Greene in the 1980s, which predated by a decade or more those of Apple and IPIX / Omniview.  Of course, Helmut Dersch and quite a few others did extensive work in this area, as well.  But Ken is likely far more familiar about the background and history of this technology and its evolution.

As far as different projections, such as ?little planet? vs.. equirectangular, etc., that is basically 3D geometry.  Once you have a full 360°x180° image (stitched, rendered, etc.), whether spherical, cubic, or other, you?re simply remapping it to the face(s) of another geometric shape.

Steroscopic, however, is a whole different (and far more complex) ball game..

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