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Sender:Erik Krause
Date/Time:2020-Nov-26 12:20:18

Thread: Welcome! Erik Krause 2020-Nov-26 12:20:18
Hello and welcome to the new PanotoolsNG group!

Now that the biggest rush is over, we already have 223 members. That is
much more than I expected after the low activity level of the last time.

Many thanks for joining and helping to keep this group alive!

Some hints:
Attachments are generally allowed (but keep them small since we have
limited storage space). In the web interface you can not only set the
delivery method but also limit the attachment size. When an attachment
exceeds the maximum size you selected, you will receive a link to it
(instead of receiving the actual file) so you can open it from the
group's website. There are other nice features, so explore the web

I'd like you to enter your real name as display name in your group
profile (Subscription -> Group Profile) It's always better we know to
whom we talk.

If you want to search the messages of the old group (and the even older
predecessors), I'd like to point you to the archive at It has been refurbished and works
now well on mobile devices, too.

have fun and stay healthy!
Erik Krause

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