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I'm unfamiliar with that particular software so I won't be of much help. 
I've been using PTGui for my panoramas.
I used it for architecture, not as much since I bought a tilt-shift lens. 
Total file size was always a trick, when it got over 1G I had to reduce the individual file sizes so I could work. 
PTGui allows you to stitch bracketed shots if you need a high dynamic range image. 
I would make small global adjusted to my RAW files, save them as 16bit Tiffs, then load them into PTGui to stitch. 
I think my largest was 3 rows of 7,  21. Can't remember if they were bracketed. 
PTGui can create 360 views too. I have a pano head to capture all the view angles. It took 105 shots with a 50mm lens to make those. 
You may find a trial version on their web site. 
Hope this helps, 
On Tuesday, December 1, 2020, 4:28 PM, Nor Schramm <#removed#> wrote:

 Thanks for allowing me in. A little about myself. I've been doing astrophotography for many years and occasionally want to image an object that  is larger than the field of view of my equipment. The obvious way of doing that  is to image the object in sections and then stitch them together to form one complete image. In the past I have been using  photoshop to manually match the segments and back grounds. A difficult problem at times. An acquaintance put me on to Hugin so I loaded up version 2012 and gave it a try on the, Pleiades. To my pleasant surprise it did a very good job of combining the 2x3 image grid into a single picture.

Later When I tried to open Hugin again, it requested the lens info twice and then quit. I tried it several more time even after rebooting the PC but still no luck. I decided to un install2012 and get the  latest from the website 2019.2 for 64bit WIndows10 PC.

When I first started the new version it complained about open GL not available. After rerunning it I got no more errors and loaded my 8 images 2x4 grid mosaic. Each image is 3020x1985 with an overlap of about 10%.  I selected the points automatically  but noticed there were no points is some of the images on the top and bottom  edge so I added them. 

Finally when I click the STITCH button it fails.

The  log is attached.

Any help would be appreciated.  If I'm using the wrong program to stitch these mosaics together perhaps someone can recommend one that would work better.


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