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Date/Time:2006-Jul-10 10:48:09
Subject:Re: New moderators poll


PanoTools: Re: New moderators poll ilyin1drey 2006-Jul-10 10:48:09
It is strange - I don't see your poll in the section of active polls.

--- In #removed#, "Mark D. Fink" <markdfink@...> 
> Hi Everyone,
> I have just put up a poll to vote on the ten people who are either 
> moderators or have recently volunteered to be moderators. Please 
vote YES or
> NO for each candidate. (Voting YES AND NO for one candidate is 
possible, but
> basically nullifies your vote.)
> The poll will close on Sunday, July 16th to give everyone plenty of 
time to
> vote. In order to be accepted as a moderator, each candidate must 
> have more YES votes than NO votes.
> Thanks for voting!
> Mark Fink

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