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Date/Time:2015-May-29 21:57:27
Subject:fisheye distorsion and control points


PanoTools NG: fisheye distorsion and control points Enrique Molano emolanov@... 2015-May-29 21:57:27
Hi allI am trying to write my custom stitching software using libapno and have some doubts about fisheye distorsion removal.In the stitching process I have seen that you find the control points, then you remove distorsion and then you stitch the images, is this the right workflow?I am confussed because I use the original images to find the control points but then I remove distorsion, wouldn't that change my image and I may lose control points ? the fisheye distorsion removal changes the images and most algorithms I have seen crop the image at the end so I may lose control points and reduce my overlap area. 

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