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Date/Time:2015-Jun-08 13:47:47
Subject:Samyang 8mm question..please


PanoTools NG: Samyang 8mm question..please mrjimbo2@... 2015-Jun-08 13:47:47
I have a friend that just acquired the Samyang 8mm fish eye..He is not stitching the images to make panos. He is using a Nikon D3100 camera which is DX.. OK so now my question.. He's using freeware to un wrap the images I am noticing that both the right and left sides of the image are quite soft and the center is sharp. Also the top and bottom are sharp  but as you move towards the R&L sides of the image start getting soft. I'm thinking this is in the software he's using or his process. Could the issue be that a setting is incorrect because he's using a DX camera? Sorry for being Mr Dumb on this .. but the show fits in this case. thanx.. /

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