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Date/Time:2016-Apr-26 18:53:31
Subject:What shall we do with this group.


PanoTools NG: What shall we do with this group. erik.krause@... 2016-Apr-26 18:53:31

one or the other might remember, I'm one of the panotoolsNG moderators. 

Our lovely and once so active PanotoolsNG group seems almost dead. Although we still have 1900+ members and some requests for approval each week apparently no one dares to ask or write something. Where has all this activity gone? To Panoramic Photographers on Facebook? Or to the PTGui and hugin groups? 

However, how shall we proceed? I guess I'm not the only one who still reads the group and is willing to answer. So why not simply revive it? Or shall we close it alltogether? What's your opinion?

Please reply anyone, even if you don't have an opinion. I'd just like to know how many still read...

Erik Krause


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