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PanoTools NG: PanoHero for GoPro MK Panorama Systeme marc-kairies@... 2016-Apr-30 09:32:49

Perhaps of interest - the PanoHero panoramic head for GoPro cameras:

A world first from Germany is the PanoHero, a small panoramic head for the 
GoPro Hero.
Create a sphere with 6 images in about one minute.

Afterwards PanoramaStudio 3 Pro is the tool for perfectly stitched 180 x 
360° panoramas.

- Weight 30g
- Fits in your pocketPanoHero for GoPro
- Simple, fast operation
- The camera is precisely at the optical center (nodal point)
- 1/4" tripod thread (metal)
- High-quality 3D printing (polyamide)
- Available in various color combinations

Suitable for:

- Hero3 White
- Hero3 Silver
- Hero3 Black
- Hero 3+ Silver
- Hero 3+ Black
- Hero 4 Silver - manual white balance & touch display
- Hero 4 Black - manual white balance

A great product for many adventure tours with fascinating panoramas.

Discover more:

Have a nice sunny weekend


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