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Please see the attached file for your reference.


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Hi all, I?m doing some aerial crop surveys and am trying to improve and streamline the stitching process in PTGui. Due to the nature of the crops, (apple orchards in this case), there aren?t always enough unique features for PTGui to latch onto and create control points. Since these are from a moving platform, the primary difference between each image is the HShift and VShift parameters, with YPR playing a secondary role.. If I recall correctly, the FoV is best set to something like 2000 and NOT taken into the optimization. I did a test this morning with a handful of images, and that produced a nice result. My question is, can I use the embedded GPS coordinates in each image to produce at least estimated values for the HShift and VShift parameters? That would get all the images properly positioned in a grid, hopefully making the control point generator more efficient and accurate. I?m not sure if I can pull a heading value as well, which would give me approximate Roll values.  My initial guess is that I would need to start with a base image, treating that like an anchor, then calculate HShift and VShift as a relative departures from the anchor image. Am I correct in that line of thinking? Erik ? how?s that for something for the group to chew on?  :o) Thanks,
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