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PanoTools NG: Re: It was nice but now it's gone... primo delacruz psdlx@... 2020-Oct-17 02:50:21
Thank you, so much to be thankful to you...Thanks again, Eric//primo

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On Friday, October 16, 2020, 8:08 PM, Erik Krause #removed# [PanoToolsNG] <#removed#> wrote:

Yahoo groups shutting down december 15. An era comes to it's end:

PanotoolsNG wasn't very active lately, but still it's a pity it has to
end now.

How shall we go on? The most lively group about panoramic imaging on the
web is certainly and I invite
anyone to join there (if not already a member). If you do so, please
make sure that you answer the questions so that it is easier to identify
serious requests.

However, I understand if someone doesn't want to use facebook. For those
there is still the Nabble group, which is a mirror of the PTNG mailing
list. Hopefully it will stay:

A complete archive can be found on

I wonder if it is worthwhile to move the mailing list to another server.
If there is a reasonable number of interested users, I will look for an

best regards
Erik Krause
PanotoolsNG Admin




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