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Sender:Nor Schramm
Date/Time:2020-Dec-03 13:14:12
Subject:Re: Help with Hugin 2019.2

Thread: Re: Help with Hugin 2019.2 Nor Schramm 2020-Dec-03 13:14:12
HI Bert
     Thanks for that  info. Yes I'm slowly finding out about the things 
that you can do to to improve the programs functionality.  I was 
successful getting a mosaic of a couple of objects. But , it was a bit 
of a struggle.


On 12/2/2020 3:09 PM, joepie1975 wrote:
> Hello Nor,
> In advanced mode, you can anchor the center image for position. Then 
> set the yaw and pitch of that image to 0 degrees.
> Then let the optimizer calculate the positions of the other images.
> In the stitch tab, you can calculate the field of view of the final image.
> Regards,
> Bert

40°50?25.88"N / 74°54?52.75"W
Oxford, NJ USA

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