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Date/Time:2020-Dec-15 15:10:06
Subject:Re: Linear panoramas - Mosaics

Thread: Re: Linear panoramas - Mosaics Nor Schramm 2020-Dec-15 15:10:06
Hi ,
    I'm new to HUGIN and tried to stitch astrophotos , in essence flat  
images, and found this tutorial Hugin tutorial ? Stitching flat scanned 
images ( 
<> that sees to 
work real well.


On 12/14/2020 5:28 PM, Richard Novossiltzeff via wrote:
> Hello, I just transferred from the previous group and glad to be here.
> My experience with full 360 HDR panos using PTGui pro and Photomatix 
> pro 6 has been excellent. I later discovered linear panos or 
> "mosaics", which prompted me to upload hugin since PTGui can't do it.  
> It's been a difficult time ever since as I'm not yet able to render 
> anything decently correct... I read the documentation and the few 
> tutorials available on the subject but still haven't been able to get 
> ahead of this software - even with the new 2019 version - and believe 
> that my coding and computer skills aren't up to the job...or is it 
> that I'm just getting a bit older?
> Is there someone out there who can coach me through this and help me 
> make a proper streetscape - maybe there's some one in Halifax? I did 
> find a tutorial on (now linkedin) but it's in German and a 
> few other requests were negative.
> Thanks and I wish everybody a Merry Xmas during those hard times.

40°50?25.88"N / 74°54?52.75"W
Oxford, NJ USA

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