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Sender:Erik Krause
Date/Time:2020-Dec-15 18:22:26
Subject:Re: Linear panoramas - Mosaics

Thread: Re: Linear panoramas - Mosaics Erik Krause 2020-Dec-15 18:22:26
Am 14.12.20 um 23:28 schrieb Richard Novossiltzeff via

> I later discovered linear panos or "mosaics", which prompted me to upload hugin since PTGui can't do it.

Sorry, that's wrong. Only the naming is different. What hugin calls
"Mosaic Mode" is named "Viewpoint Correction" in PTGui. They use
incompatible parameters though, but apart of this it should be the same,
since both are based on the same stitching model.

However, both programs usually have a hard time to stitch linear panos,
since parallax is unavoidable if the surface is not completely flat.

Erik Krause

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