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Date/Time:2000-Jul-10 16:43:24
Subject:Re: Panorama Tools Front End


proj-imim: Re: Panorama Tools Front End Philo 2000-Jul-10 16:43:24
Hi Joost !

I made a first try with PTgui. To resume : GREAT !!!! (the font size is too

I found no real bugs - but it was a very fast try ! The only thing I noticed
is that if you generate a pano using one format then switch to another one
the file extension of the first format is retained. Not a nasty one...

On the wish list :
- a zoom of images (but I can live with W98 Accessibility magnifier)
- a more precise cross-hair cursor
- maybe some materialisation of control points in the images, might be
useful to better spread them.


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De : "Joost Nieuwenhuijse" <#removed#>
À : "Imim-list" <#removed#>
Envoyé : lundi 10 juillet 2000 15:37
Objet : Panorama Tools Front End

> Hi,
> A first beta version of my Panorama Tools front end application for
> is available! You read more about it and download it from
> Please remember it's a beta version. Still some bugs and use at your own
> risk.
> Please let me know what you think of it!
> Joost

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