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Sender:Gummy Bear
Date/Time:2000-Jul-10 19:02:52
Subject:Re: Panorama Tools Front End


proj-imim: Re: Panorama Tools Front End Gummy Bear 2000-Jul-10 19:02:52
> A first beta version of my Panorama Tools front end application

Great job!  

This is the easiest way that I have seen so far to stitch
a panorama using PTools.

I gave it a quick run though - no major problems that I could see.

As mentioned previously, color control point markers would be nice.
Either a differerent color for each set of control points or a number
next to each one.  Also, might be nice if it would add the control points
automatically when the second control point is clicked on.

I still had to crop my circular fisheyes.  I guess that would be pretty
tricky to implement in this program?



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