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[PanoToolsNG] UK > restrictions of the photography of the landscape

It might be a trivial question but I need (quite urgently) the information how is with the restrictions of the photography of the landscape in England (UK) and Scotland (UK) which is on private property but on public open hiking trails. I did a number of

PanoTools NG - Bostjan Burger si_lander@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-May-05 14:20

[PanoToolsNG] Hugin Python interface

Hello, I'd like to make some scripts using Python and the HSI module. But I've run into trouble when I need to access an overloaded C++ function with references. I'm not sure if the problem is overloading or references or the combination. A minim

PanoTools NG - Steinar Midtskogen steinar@latinitas.org [PanoToolsNG] - 15-May-03 11:55

[PanoToolsNG] Fisheye Distortion removal before stitching?

Hi all,I want to stitch some images I got from a gopro hero 3. The hero 3 has a fisheye lense with 170.When should I try to remove the fisheye distorsion? Is it before I start the stitching?I know fulla allows to remove the distorsion but I am not sure wh

PanoTools NG - Enrique Molano emolanov@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Apr-28 22:37

[PanoToolsNG] Compile panotools on windows

Hi all I tried to use the instructions to compile panotools on windows and failed Is someone planning to do updated instructions to compile it in windows since the ones available are outdated? Any tips when compiling for windows? Help is appreciat

PanoTools NG - Enrique Molano emolanov@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Mar-26 13:14

[PanoToolsNG] Low contrast and saturation after enblend [3 Attachments]

I have been using Hugin for a few years now, and for the most part love it and have done some neat things with it. But after downloading the last version (2014.0.0.5da69bc383dd), I have experienced a problem: when I stitch my images together, the contr

PanoTools NG - 'Thomas A. Germer Photography' thomas@tagermer.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Mar-25 13:28

[PanoToolsNG] Why do I keeping getting this message?

Ages ago this group put an event in my Yahoo calendar as below: Orçamento Newman I get a reminder for this every single day. Yahoo calendar says "Edit" Permissions not available" when I try to delete it. What is this and how c

PanoTools NG - dburton97128@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Feb-10 21:37

[PanoToolsNG] si_lander@yahoo.com

http://rajranirestaurant.co.uk/qsrxka/xazeavavkbyluriwuspiwahunez.gbnwkkciynzejzkbsqsj --------------- #removed# 2/10/2015 1:12:05 AM

PanoTools NG - 'si_lander' si_lander@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Feb-10 01:12

[PanoToolsNG] multi process openmp vs tbb

HI allI am reading on how to make the stitching to work faster. I know there are two technologies to use multiple cpu: openmp and tbbWhy was openmp preferred over tbb for multiprocessing in panotools?Thanks Enrique Molano

PanoTools NG - Enrique Molano emolanov@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Feb-01 21:45

[PanoToolsNG] Updating the member map

Hi all, I was just browsing the map of the PanoToolsNG membership and found only one person in France. I'm pretty sure there are more... http://www.panomaps.com/ng/ I'll be in France again in September, and having this map updated

PanoTools NG - 'Mark Fink' markdfink@northernlight.net [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-29 18:59

[PanoToolsNG] DevalVR

Hi all Its been a while since I posted anything on any forums, but I was just wondering about DevalVr standalone. A quick look for the download brings up the news, to me anyway, that DevalVr is discontinued http://www.devalvr.com/index.php/en/disconti

PanoTools NG - Bill Ward billward@talktalk.net [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-28 22:54

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