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[PanoToolsNG] How to stitch video and measure fps in a 360 video panorama?

Hi all I am new to panotools. Thanks for such a good tool. I am trying to stitch a video and then measure the fps. I know i can convert the video into frames and use panotools to stitch the frames Is there a free tool to do this? If not; what are you us

PanoTools NG - Enrique Molano emolanov@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-25 22:20

[PanoToolsNG] Nasa Gigapan

NASA Has Released The Largest Picture Ever Taken And It Will Shake Up Your Universe http://www.scoopwhoop.com/news/wow-nasa/ http://www.scoopwhoop.com/news/wow-nasa/ NASA Has Released The Largest Picture Ever Take... http://www.scoopwhoop.

PanoTools NG - rcgvt@comcast.net [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-21 17:44

[PanoToolsNG] Re: Recent article - 360° / Cinematic VR

Briar Bentley wrote: "Thank you for a thought-provoking article, and a reminder to us that technical excellence is pointless if content is second-rate. "I would be interested in your thoughts on the type of viewer environment that is likely to dom

PanoTools NG - Scott Highton scott@highton.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-21 00:55

[PanoToolsNG] Oculus... Dodo?

I know this sounds like spam but promise... It's a cardboard headset... DIY style Virtual Reality | DODOcase http://www.dodocase.com/collections/virtual-reality Virtual Reality | DODOcase http://www.dodocase.com/collections/virtual-reali

PanoTools NG - paul@mouthtosource.net [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-20 15:37

[PanoToolsNG] Recent article - 360° / Cinematic VR

VR friends, I thought you might be interested in a recent article I wrote on 360° Video, or Cinematic VR. It can be found at: The 360° Video Conundrum - Cinematic VR Considerations http://www.vrphotography.com/360videovr/ http:

PanoTools NG - scott@highton.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-19 18:45

[PanoToolsNG] PanoTools based Videostabilization

I was looking for video stabilization software for my latest hobby (taking shaky videos from my bicycle) and noticed, that (a) existing tools did not work very well with the wide angle fisheye-type lenses of action cameras, and (b) that there are nume

PanoTools NG - der@fh-furtwangen.de [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-18 22:01

[PanoToolsNG] Re: Game changer

About one year ago I made a couple 3D pans using Wim Koorneef technique. I was a little be skeptical about to make stereo pano using single camera, but result was great. First, I made anagliphic 3D panoramas: http://www.arbitphoto.com/3D_pano_03262

PanoTools NG - Gregory Arbit gregoryarbit@arbitphoto.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-12 19:30

[PanoToolsNG] Re: Game changer

The only "Glasses-Free" method of viewing any form of 3D content that I've played with is a glasses-free tablet or phone. These utilize a "parallax barrier" close to the screen in order to send different images to each eye. This approach hasn't been per

PanoTools NG - Mark Gambier markgambier@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-12 18:11

[PanoToolsNG] cataloging photos --- OT

I'm looking for an idea how to catalog my pictures. Any input appreciated.Thanks in advance for any input. A Kielcz Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.

PanoTools NG - A Kielcz roblee007@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-12 02:20

[PanoToolsNG] Game changer

I recently purchased a Samsung Gear VR immersive headset.  Built in conjunction with Oculus (using their design and software standards), the Gear VR is a virtual reality viewer, which let's the user walk through a virtual castle, fly along side galloping

PanoTools NG - mark sroufe markgambier@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Jan-11 19:48

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